Teacher and Student Editions


Sing!  Teachers’ Edition

Three versions are available, Kindle and paperback at or the online version at this website. 

Kindle E-book in the Bookstore.  Don’t have a Kindle? Download the Kindle app for your computer, tablet or smartphone.

Paperback Version available in the bookstore

Online Version:  $24.99

Teacher Bonus Pack

Blog, Teaching Guide, Student Worksheet Answer Keys, Teaching Tips, FAQs, Private Studio Tips, and Vocal Health and Sciencey Tidbits.

Bonus Pack Membership 1 Year Access:  $17.99

Voice Student Edition

Access to the online version to read on your smartphone, tablet or computer.

Online Version$18.99

Paperback Version available in the bookstore

I really like how the Teacher’s Edition breaks down each lesson plan into comprehensible sections. Jane makes sure that those who venture to teach using her approach have all the materials they could possibly need. The book is very well organized and has a great flow from lesson to lesson, as each week builds on the previous instruction. The diagrams, musical examples and availability of the audio and video recordings at this website were extremely helpful, too.

Additionally, I really enjoy how the technique is out-of-the-box from other methods. The technique is conventional, but Jane takes a completely different approach using exaggerated stretch, active mouth and breath control to completely change and improve the voice. Once I learned how they all work together and integrated them into my singing, it was an absolute breakthrough! Not only does it work, but it’s so fun to do!

Alex Grellner