Sing! Voice Student Edition

Online Version: $18.99

Login to this website for 12-month access the book (no download), as well as online access to vocal exercise audio tracks, instructional videos and practice plans.

Paperback Version available in the bookstore.

Includes interactive website access to vocal exercise audio tracks, instructional videos and practice plans. See example below.



The Online Version includes 12 months of online access to over 100 vocal exercise audio tracks, 40 weekly Practice Plans, 30 vocal exercise instructional videos, and 3 different Training Level Plans to help you map out your learning.

Online Version. When you want to access linked material such as an exercise audio track, video or practicing resources, tap the link and it will take you there directly.

Paperback Version. Available exclusively in the bookstore, each book contains an coupon code that allows you to set up 12 months of free access to the website. The paperback version measures 6″ x 9″ and is 174 pages.

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For student and teacher alike, this singing course provides personal voice instruction whether you are looking to kick off your vocal training, dust off your vocal cords, or are seeking some fresh ideas to help you improve your voice and vocal fitness.

For any level of singer, this book presents basic tools to help you learn to sing with a healthy vocal production through a series of progressive exercises designed to improve your vocal fitness.

There are twenty self-guided singing lessons that you can do on your own This singing technique will teach you basic, healthy, and reliable skills for any style of music, with systematic instructions and practicing guidelines that provide you a progressive and successful course of vocal study.

How to access the vocal exercise audio tracks from the downloadable e-book with interactive website access.

1. Tap or click the link in your e-book to go to the exercise track at the website.

2. After you sign in you will land on this Welcome Page. Then return to your e-book.

(Please note: you only have to sign in one time per session.  If you leave your browser window open, the next link you access will take you there directly.)

3. Tap or click on the link again.

4. You will return to the website and land on the link  you chose.