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Vocal Exercises and Instruction Books to Improve Your Voice

Based on the professional teaching method developed by Jane Edgren at the Vocal Fitness Training Studio

 Improving your singing takes time and effort…

so it’s good to have a plan!

For any level of singer, the Sing! books and modules present basic tools to help you learn to sing with a healthy vocal production through a series of progressive exercises designed to improve your vocal fitness.  This technique will teach you basic, healthy, and reliable skills for any style of music, with systematic instructions and practicing guidelines that provide you a progressive and successful course of vocal study. 

All Sing! editions are available in a print version through the Amazon bookstore, and the Teach Yourself to Sing! and Teacher’s Edition are now available in a Kindle version, allowing you to access the materials directly from your mobile device or home computer through interactive embedded links.

Whether you are looking to kick off your vocal training, dust off your vocal cords, or are seeking some fresh ideas to help you improve your voice and vocal fitness, you can learn the curriculum as a self-directed program, or from your voice teacher or vocal coach. All editions include access to the exercises and practicing programs at this website. There are three versions available of the Sing! book:


20 Guided Studio Lessons and Interactive Exercises

  • Each studio lesson contains exercises to learn, along with links to the audio tracks and videos at the Vocal Fitness Studio website.
  • Each studio lesson has one or more weekly companion Practice Plans to help you map out your practicing schedule.
  • Choose from 3 different training levels; 6, 9 or 12 months, and learn at your own pace.


16 Singing Lessons to Teach Your Students

This curriculum is for the voice teacher or vocal coach, and guides them in the implementation of the lessons, introducing vocal exercises in a progressive manner with step-by-step instructions. Ideal for either new or experienced teachers, jump start your students with a curriculum designed to improve their vocal fitness.


Vocal Theory and Exercise Instructions

This edition is for those who are taking instruction from a voice teacher or vocal coach utilizing the Teacher’s Edition of Sing! It contains the vocal theory and science materials, vocal exercise instructions, access to worksheets to reinforce the learning concepts in the course, and 12 months of free online access to over 140 vocal exercise audio tracks, and 30 instructional videos.

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Free Audio Rehearsal Tracks

All editions of the Sing! books include access to rehearsal track audio files through embedded links in the e-book, or through a membership account at this website. You will have 12 months of free online access to over 140 vocal exercise audio tracks.

Demonstration Videos

All editions also include thirty demonstration videos help to reinforce the written instructions, and give a more in-depth view on the proper execution of the vocal exercises.

Smart Practice Plans

No piano needed! With your book membership, each weekly Practice Plan has daily interactive playlists that works like an app on your smart phone, tablet or computer at this website. There are 40 online Practice Plans so you don’t have to figure out what to practice on your own. 

Student Worksheets

Included in the Voice Student’s Edition are twelve worksheets to reinforce the student’s learning, based on the material presented in the Sing! book.

I wanted to get back to singing for years.  However, every time I was searching for a good singing teacher, I wasn’t able to find someone that I felt was trustworthy.  I heard about Jane from one of my students (I teach at a university) and it just felt right. Before my first class, we were communicating through emails since I had a lot of questions.  Jane was so responsive and detailed that made me trust her.   

During my first class, she explained to me all about her website and book.  I am a person that is obsessed with time management and following a schedule.  Her website and book were ideal for me! I had no difficulty following her explanations and guidance.  The vocal classes are well aligned and easy to follow.  The instructions are so clear that you know exactly what to do every week.  She even has a proposed schedule for you that you can follow with different paces.  I strongly recommend her!

Eliana C.

Read Now

Read a short excerpt online at this website, and download a sample lesson. Includes access to sample audio tracks and Practice Plans.

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Click here to access the FAQ page. Learn more about the e-book, online course, teacher edition, student edition and training levels.

Teachers & Coaches

The Teacher’s Edition provides a specially designed 16-week curriculum for the voice teacher or vocal coach.

Before You Start

Things to consider before starting your vocal fitness training program. Please read carefully for helpful tips on vocal health.