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Sing! 20 Singing Lessons to Improve Your Voice

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I am so grateful I found Jane Edgren as my vocal coach. I didn’t know what to expect when I came to my first lesson, but I found myself very surprised. She is very professional and friendly, and had lessons planned out for weeks in advance, based on her book of specialized vocal technique.

I would definitely recommend the book, as it was very informative and gave me insight on the reasoning behind her techniques and their importance. There is detail about the concepts and lessons so that you know why you’re doing something a certain way. Very Helpful!

I came in as a struggling singer. I felt like at times I would sing well, and then other times I wouldn’t be able to control my voice. I didn’t have consistency in my voice. I also would hurt my throat a lot when I sang, because I loved to belt out.

Today, I can say… I feel much more confident with my voice. With learning how to control it and developing my own sound, I am falling in love with how it sounds. Her techniques have helped me to strengthen the consistency in my voice. Her belief in my voice has encouraged me and has made me so excited for hearing what my voice will grow into. I still have a lot more to learn, but I know with her teaching and experience… I’m in the best hands. Love her!

Lilliana K.