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This page is for those of you who are familiar with the Sing! book and would like to take voice lessons with Jane. With the technology available to us through the internet, Jane can teach practically anyone in the world.  Of course, there is a time differential to consider, but usually a window of time can be found to have a session.

Here are some typical reasons students of the Sing! book have reached out to take lessons with Jane.

These singers are:

    • interested in learning more singing skills beyond the scope of the book.
    • working through the Studio Lessons, but would prefer to finish the book with Jane’s help.
    • needing to complete the training sooner than the shortest training program in the book (6-months).
    • making progress with the book, but would rather not work on their own any more.
    • wanting to ask questions directly to enhance their learning.
    • voice teachers using the Teacher’s Edition seeking vocal pedagogy coaching.

Jane offers a variety of options for voice lessons and coaching. The standard private voice lessons are once a week and are either 30, 45, or 60 minutes in length.  More information can be found here.

Standard Voice Lessons

30 Minute Lesson Format 

Most students begin with a 30-minute lesson, which covers all the basic training and technique instruction. Some students choose to increase to a longer format, depending on their needs.

45 or 60 Minute Lesson Format 

In general, this length of these vocal lessons would be for either high school age students who are heavily involved in performing, those who might be looking at college auditions in the future, or for adults who are able to, or would like a longer singing lesson. Some adults and advanced students do choose to start with longer lessons, and all basic skills can be taught in these formats, too.

Vocal Coaching

Vocal coaching differs from regular voice lessons in that the emphasis is on polishing songs.  Most people who take vocal coaching sessions usually need help preparing for short-term projects, such as preparing for an audition, recording session, or performance.  Technique can also be taught through the coaching sessions as we can approach the song through vocal exercise techniques.

Jane is an absolutely wonderful teacher. She is passionate about music has years of experience and vast knowledge. She takes the time to help each student at their individual pace, never puts unrealistic expectations on them, nor rushes her teaching. Jane has such a vibrant personality, and her passion for music is contagious. She always wants the best for her students. I would most definitely recommend her as a teacher.

From my two years studying with Jane, my vocal technique, range, and love of singing have grown tremendously. In college, singing sometimes felt like a chore and became very frustrating because of the tension and absence of a strong, higher range. After working with Jane, I feel so confident in my ability to perform and singing has become fun again! I am able to sing notes I never thought I would be able to hit; they’re so easy now! Jane’s techniques do work and it is incredible how her approach improves and strengthens the voice.

Alex Grellner

Jane is passionate about helping singers improve their singing.  She loves to prepare them for whatever goals they might have, be it singing professionally, in a choir, performing in musicals, at the local open mike night, in a band, or for fun  those who just want to learn to sing.

Jane has been teaching private voice lessons for over 25 years, drawing on her rich background of singing various styles of music.  In a voice lesson with Jane, students learn a healthy, consistent and reliable vocal technique, while expanding their range and developing their own musical identity and style.  Additionally, she also offers short-term coaching and preparation for auditions, competitions, musical theater performances, and college entrance auditions.

Many of her students have performed in musicals, bands, and many have majored in music and theater in college. Current and former students include John Mark McMillanCara Watson—2014 Hollywood Week and Top 48 Contestant on American Idol,  Chris Sheridan of Simplified, Kristi Ormand of StellaRising, and Josiah Prince of DiscipleMusical theatre credits include students who have performed with Matthews Playhouse, Theatre Charlotte, Children’s Theater of Charlotte, Old Courthouse Theater, and the North Carolina Theater. 

Jane has had students from the Northwest School of the Arts (Charlotte, NC), and the Central Academy of Technology and Arts (Union County, NC). Many of Jane’s students have gone on to further study and performance majoring in voice, music, musical theater or theater, including the following universities: Appalachian State, Catholic University of America, Belmont (Nashville), Berklee School of Music, Boston University, Charleston Southern, Davidson, Elon, Furman, Hofstra, Liberty, Marymount Manhattan, UNC Chapel Hill, UNC Greensboro School of Music, University of South Carolina, and Wheaton College.  Additionally, Jane prepared students who have auditioned for, and were accepted into voice and theater programs at: American University, Auburn, Coastal Carolina, Florida State, Indiana, and Mississippi.

Jane is a member of both the National Association of Teachers of Singing and the New York Singing Teachers Association.