Now Available – Teacher Resource Bonus Package

Teacher Only Blog

Blog articles on various aspects of teaching, performing, auditioning and other relevant subjects.

Teaching Guide

PDF versions of the Quick Reference Document – 70% smaller than the complete book, and handy to have on the piano to assist with your teaching.

Student Answer Keys

 A handy answer matrix for the Student Edition Worksheets to help you assess your students’ answers quickly and efficiently.

Access to Additional Teaching Related Blogs

Teaching Tips and FAQs

Learn answers to questions and learn strategies to help you in your studio to effectively present the Vocal Fitness Training materials.

Private Studio Tips

Ideas, suggestions, and marketing tips for either your existing vocal studio, or for launching a new one.

Vocal Health and Sciencey Tidbits

Vocal Science information presented in a non-sciency way about the voice, including FAQs your students might have for you on various topics.

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