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Vocal Exercises and Instruction Books to Improve Your Voice

Based on the professional teaching method developed by Jane Edgren at the Vocal Fitness Training Studio


20 Guided Studio Lessons and Interactive Exercises
  • Each studio lesson contains exercises to learn, along with links to the audio tracks and videos at the Vocal Fitness Studio website.
  • Each studio lesson has one or more weekly companion Practice Plans to help you map out your practicing schedule.
  • Choose from 3 different training levels; 6, 9 or 12 months, and learn at your own pace.


16 Singing Lessons to Teach Your Students This curriculum is for the voice teacher or vocal coach, and guides them in the implementation of the lessons, introducing vocal exercises in a progressive manner with step-by-step instructions. Ideal for either new or experienced teachers, jump start your students with a curriculum designed to improve their vocal fitness.


Vocal Theory and Exercise Instructions This edition is for those who are taking instruction from a voice teacher or vocal coach utilizing the Teacher’s Edition of Sing! It contains the vocal theory and science materials, vocal exercise instructions, access to worksheets to reinforce the learning concepts in the course, and 12 months of free online access to over 140 vocal exercise audio tracks, and 30 instructional videos.